A lot of people have dysfunctional relationship with food. Food is abused a lot and most times we do not know how to control ourselves. In a bid to look a certain way, we hop on different diet trains, Eating different things and taking our bodies through extreme measures not realising the effects it's bound to have on our systems. We either punish ourselves by starving or reward ourselves with unhealthy foods. We do not know how to handle food. We eat anything and everything or we do not eat at all. Gosh! What a cycle.
Eating properly is very important, for our bodies and our general well being. Eating the right foods and at the right time is essential. It's very important to create a healthy relationship with food and I'll be sharing a few pointers to help you do this

Exercise Control
Try not to overeat when you eat. The portion on your plate should be just enough for you. Avoid putting too much food on your plate, so you do not end up eating it all.

Do not Punish Yourself
There are times where we binge eat and over indulge ourselves. When this happens, guilt sets in, regret sets in, and we start plotting how we are going to eat just one meal the next day and work out for 3 hours. In extreme situations some people try to throw up the food they have eaten. That's not healthy at all!
The truth is that we aren't perfect, it's okay to make a mistake but do not beat yourself up for it. It doesn't help, it just stresses your body out more. You ate too much, Yes, but do not make the mistake of punishing yourself that way. Move on from that mistake and carry on with your usual eating routine. You'll be just fine. You do not need to go through extreme measures to rectify the situation.

Listen to your Body
Our body tells us everything. When we are hungry, when we are thirsty, when we are in pain, when we're anxious, when we are excited. Listen to your body when it tells you to eat. Do not ignore it. Eat at the right time so you avoid getting extremely hungry and eat a lot as a result.

Think of Food as a Friend
We eat to enrich and nurture our body. When eating think of food as a friend who's helping me grow and be healthy. Do not think of food as the enemy or the ultimate reward.
Think; In order for me to grow, be healthy and be fit, I need to eat correctly. I need to eat foods that will boost my system and help me function optimally. When you think about food this way, you are more inclined to eat more healthy foods. Foods that are actually good for you and not just to make you feel good.

Create healthy habits
It's important for us to create healthy habits and not restrictions. Do not be difficult with food and create habits for yourself that you cannot maintain.

Eat in Moderation
You can literally eat everything if you know how to control your portions, and you know the best time to eat. It's ok to have a slice of pizza or a cone of ice cream. The key is just that, moderation. You do not need the whole box of pizza or the big tub of ice cream. Portion control is important.

Prepare your Meals yourself
Cooking can be fun. Cook your meals yourself, have fun while cooking, try new recipes, try new methods. This makes you more excited and more inclined to cook for yourself. When you cook yourself, you know exactly what's going in, so you know the portion to dish for yourself.

Create a food Journal
Write down all you eat at the time to eat them. Document the process, go through it at the end of the day and at the end of the week. Observe what you're doing wrong, so you can make a change. Creating a food Journal keeps you accountable.